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Television: Mexican woman pregnant with twins nine

Television station (Televisa) said on Thursday that Mexican woman pregnant with twinsnine .. Six females and three males.

She added that the woman called Carla Vanessa Perez is a resident in the state ofCoahuila in north east of the country on the border with Texas and treated at a hospital in the city of Saltillo, capital of the state.

The television said that the fertility treatment was the reason behind the twins carried innine.

And reported the news agency Notimex state-owned news also said that it expected to put Perez in her pregnancy on May 20.

Peres told the agency "too early to think about the names of the children first ... I hopethat all goes well."

If successful, it will be one of the birth of twins, the highest recorded so far. The womanin California has developed eight Twins in 2009 and sparked a global media attention

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