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Forced her son to live in a coal store for over a year .. As punishment for his behavior outrageous

أجبرت ابنها على العيش في مخزنٍ للفحم لأكثر من سنة.. عقاباً له على تصرّفه الشائن
A mother forced her son to live ten years in a store of coal for more than a year, as a punishment to him for his outrageous quote.

The newspaper 'Daily Mail' that the British forced her son, aged 10 years to live in a store of coal for more than a year.

She added that the boy had slept for hours in a row in this store as punishment if thedisposal of outrageous, while the mother and her husband sleep in the housecomfortable.

The newspaper pointed out that the boy was a room containing the bed dirty with dust,and a dirty sleeping bag and a pot to urinate is full of urine, in addition to a small windowand lamp wiring is connected properly.

She added that the mother was feeding the boy a few pieces of butter and raw meat,and that the police and described these conditions as 'barbaric' after admitting the mother and her husband in the court scolded the boy.

She stated that the court proved the couple charged with abuse of the boy who gave the necessary health care and placed in a nursing home, and prevent contact of the child with the couple before the age of 16 years without the supervision of institutions of social services.

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