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Russian hire her boyfriend to kill her mother, provided they do not cause any harm to the dog who lives with them!

روسية تستأجر صديقها لقتل والدتها بشرط عدم إلحاق أي أذى بالكلب الذي يعيش معهم!
A Russian girl in front of City Court Vorkuta northern Russia, accused of hiring her boyfriend to kill her mother standing quarrel with her accustomed to the company of her friends to come out of the young.

The newspaper "News" Kuwaiti court spokesman as saying that the girl stipulated thatthe killer, who paid him $ 14 thousand rubles, "$ 470 U.S." not to inflict any harm to the dog who lives with them in the apartment during the shooting of the mother "34 years", but her boyfriend told police who arrested them a key-handed handed over the apartment.

And recognized the girl (16 years) in the investigation that she wanted her mother todeath quickly shot so it does not suffer, and they stressed the killer not harm the familydog who loves him very much.

It also recognized the girl who faces a prison term of 13 years in the case ofcondemnation as planned earlier to kill her father, who works at a nearby mine, butbacked away from that because it is the only source of income, who live upon the family.

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