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Tiny sea creatures U.S. nuclear plant shut down!

مخلوقات بحرية ضئيلة تغلق محطة نووية أمريكية!
Caused a small sea creatures in close reactor «Diablo Canyon» nuclear Coast East toCalifornia, according to said network «ABC».

It was the discovery of millions of those objects that resemble jellyfish clog pipes found in the sea water used to cool the reactors at a nuclear plant's capacity of 2300 MW.
The reactor was shut down for the other undergoing periodic maintenance work at that time. He did not specify a timetable to restart the plant.
A spokesman for the company «AT & Pacific Jazz Electronic» operator of the stationTom Cady: «Safety is our top priority, it will not resume work in the unit before removing the objects and improve conditions».

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