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Sale last message to the leader of the band of the Titanic for 155 000 dollars

ReutersWas sold by a British leader Wallace Hartley band on board the Titanic for his parents in England, five days before the ship collision iceberg and sank nearly a century agocompared to about 155 thousand dollars in an online auction on Thursday.

The investment group bought the U.S. did not announce her name letter by Hartley (33-year-old at the time) who was leading the band, consisting of eight members of whichplayed ragtime tunes and the other in order to calm the passengers on the ship thatsank slowly in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Said Bobby Livingston, one of the company R executives. R's auction in NewHampshire, which managed the sale process, speaking of the message "It was a microcosm of the entire tragedy."

He said in an interview, "there was hope to see his parents again."

Livingstone said that Hartley sent the letter on 11 April April 1912 during the docking ofthe ship in Queenstown in Ireland.

The ship sank in the early hours of the morning on 15 April during its maiden voyagefrom England, was 1,517 killed as a result.

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