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Australian court order "to FC" to pay $ 8 million in compensation to the girl poisoned by one of his meals

"كي أف سي" استأنف القرار
Australian court ordered the giant fast-food "to FC" to pay $ 8.3 million in compensation to the family of an Australian girl adult brain damaged after toxicity due to fish meal.

Monica and got sick after Simon took a roll, "Twister" in restaurant "to FC" in Sydney in 2005. Toxicity and led to loss of speech, which require the use of a wheelchair-borne.A judge in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, this amount of compensation to the victim's family, having spent the last week that "in order to FC" breached its duty to take care of the girl.And through the family's lawyer George Vllaghakis satisfaction of the decision. He said: "I have tasked Monica damaged brain, and bind the family already limited resources."He added: "Monica has become a big girl now and the more difficult to carry and take care of it and respond to their needs as well as basic care of the rest of her siblings."He pointed to "the urgent need for compensation," which was ordered by the judge, "while still in order until the time FC is determined not to pay one penny for Monica."The restaurant chain has made "to FC", owned by the network, "William" was surprised of the resolution, and noted that it highlighted the lack of evidence in disability caused by the girl, and announced its intention to appeal.However, the court was informed that Monica went into a coma lasted for six months after she with her parents and her brother poisoning resulting in vomiting and diarrhea, after eating a roll of fish. Cured and all family members except for Monica.

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