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Chadian magician illusion that the Saudis, his house "to generate fertile billions of riyals!"

ساحر تشادي يوهم سعوديا بأن منزله
Police managed to capture from Hail to the Chadian arrivals; circumvent the citizen in Buraidah, and Ohmh that his "blessing and fertility to generate billions of riyals," and turned out to be "pieces of paper."

In the details that a citizen Hail received a call from Chadian arrivals, help him with the blessing of his house, and it is enriched to generate billions of riyals, and was ready to generate those amounts into the house, provided that the amount of his commission, "530 thousand riyals."
The two men agreed to that provided for the citizen to the amount which he claims the holy inward, and then the citizen has to host the newcomer in his house; newcomer stood up to read the verses, and muttered words, it became clear later that it is a juggling words and quackery.
The newcomer then lowered a large number of funds citizen's house, and actually imagine the citizen by the sorcery they contain sums of money millions of billions.
When complete, make sure the citizens of the boxes gave the newcomer his commission amount agreed upon, "530 thousand riyals."
After a short period after the demise of the effect of quackery and charm to the citizen newcomer turns out that in front of him, which is only cartons containing clippings leaves no more.
Citizen shocked by what happened, and it became clear to him that he was a fraud; immediately informed the security authorities what had happened, was circular on the condition Arabia descriptions newcomer.
In less than 24 hours, and under the supervision of the police chief of Hail, Major General Yahya helped Albladi, and follow-up of the director of research and investigation Police Hail Colonel Mohammed bin difficult Tamimi and members of the band responsible for this, was ousted Ballowavd while eating dinner in a restaurant last Saturday.
And the investigation index by him admitted to the citizen, and immediately was handed over to police Qassim region to take the necessary action.
For his part, stressed the police chief of Hail, Major General Yahya helped Albladi on citizens not to get carried away behind a false or deal with them, and took the precaution of them, explaining that those charlatans who claim their ability to bring livelihood and money, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, representing a gang targeting the Saudi citizen; the knowledge wealth of this great country.

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