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43 people killed in a traffic accident in Mexico

مصرع 43 شخصا في حادث مروري في المكسيك
Was at least 43 people were killed Friday, April 20 / April in a cargo truck bus collisionon a highway in eastern Mexico in one of the worst traffic accidents in Mexico in recent years.

Official sources said that two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on a highway in the early hours of Friday morning when the trailer separated from the rear of the truck and crashed into a bus. After the collision of two vehicles crashed into a heavy truck that was traveling behind the bus, the middle of the trailer, according to sources.

The network confirmed the news, local bus was carrying 70 passengers, nine of what itis less than 60 people. Also injured in the incident, 27 people, including 5 in serious condition.

The Mexican President Felipe Calderon expressed sadness about the incident in a letter left on his account in the site "Twitter" social networking.

Source: Reuters

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