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German cause in 1000 fined a motorist!

ألمانية تتسبب في تغريم 1000 سائق سيارة!
German courts had previously seen the battles, and even murders, too, caused by the radio voice of high or because of a car parked in the wrong place. But Tina's German. (30 years) caused the motorist fined 1000, during the three days only, because they passed on the street where you live.

Established a women's complaints, claiming breach of traffic laws, more than thousand cars passed in the street that is inhabited. And received hundreds of residents of the town traffic fine of 15 euros from the traffic circle because of the breach, but women continue to threaten the car registration numbers and submit them to the police to stop when traffic completely.
Tina's lives. Harsfield in the city, home to about 12 thousand people in the state of Lower Saxony. And located the woman's home, caring for one child, in a side street is not intended for traffic, and connects two major streets. He holds the street to traffic sign saying «dedicated to the residents of the neighborhood», has never before witnessed a traffic accident early this week.
Construction work, and cut off traffic on a main streets, small town residents pay to take the branch road near the house Tina short of the road. They seem to have caused great inconvenience in obese women, which she says the neighbors complain of everything from every transient way.
Increase the number of people over 12 thousand Harsfield a bit, and no more than the number of cars to 4 thousand cars, and this means that the woman complained against a quarter of her home town, and caused anger in the town's residents all of them. This is not everything, because the traffic police department has expressed alarm because of the large number of complaints, and complaints countermeasures. Commented Helmut Holcher, management of the city, saying that they apply the law of course, but the staff drowned at work these days because of the activity «Traffic Police».
Tina's won. Of the population of the city the title of «Tina fines», consecration of the financial Oalaa fines obtained by the car owners. As a result of constant headaches caused by traffic management, city administration decided to remove the banner «dedicated to neighborhood residents only» Street «Berg Strasse», who inhabited by women.
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