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Kuwaiti students being beaten because he tried to save the dying bird!

طالب كويتي يتعرض للضرب المبرح لأنه حاول إنقاذ طائر يحتضر!
Kuwaiti student was "10 years", was severely beaten in a primary school educationAhmadi area, at the hands of Egypt's two parameters, while trying to save the dyingbird.

The newspaper "home" Kuwait: A new episode of the series assault of teachers tostudents, where he was called on Kuwaiti "Ten years," severely beaten in a primary school district Ahmadi education at the hands of my teacher of physical education of the Egyptian nationality, because it spontaneously childhood saw birds dying so he wantedto save him, and before that puts water in the mouth of the bird, Hot parameter (Asaha) on the left shoulder of the student not only so, but called her colleague "of nationality" to participate in a student strike.
And when he learned of the student's father thus came to the school principal, but did nottake any action, so he headed to the Director of Educational Affairs in the school districtin the province of Al-Ahmadi and (uncle Asamkh) There was no reaction real about whatwas his student, prompted the parent to go to the media for the delivery of his letter to the Minister of Education and Assistant Undersecretary for General Education to take action against the school or school district and upon the student's father went to the hospital, and extracted a medical report which expose the student to swelling andwounds of the left shoulder.

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