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Smilies are distributed girl cause fights youth in a shopping center in Kuwait

فتاة توزع الابتسامات تتسبب بمشاجرات شبابية في مركز تجاري بالكويت
Caused the girl in the youth fights, having mastered the talent show last Thursday evening in a commercial complex in Salmiya area of Kuwait.

According to the "homeland" of Kuwait, that the pioneers of the compound were surprised from a girl dressed scandalously, and you the diffusion Smilies right and left, prompting young men to the work of the formations of the hunt and try to win and her child, and the voices pro and deplorable, and grew up cases of friction between young men resulted in the occurrence of fights, including the priority of access to the heart ofthe girl and entered a war of words with a number of them.
The newspaper said that the security of the complex intervention, and tried to control the situation, asking them to get out of the compound, and the completion of movementsabroad.
The newspaper added that with the aggravation of the situation and the inability to control the security of the complex, was informed of the Interior, reaching the place ofsecurity men around me and they refer to young girls and station area.

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