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Australian billionaire seeking to build a replica of the ship «Titanic» to sail out from England to New York

Planning Australian businessman Clive Palmer to build a ship like the "Titanic" which sank a hundred years ago, sailing out from England to New York in 2016.

It will be for "Titanic," the twenty-century atheist the same dimensions and lengths they were in the original ship, which sank in 1912, where an agreement was signed with thefirst phase of building a Chinese company.

It is expected that every part of the new ship similar to "Titanic" original, along with the technology of the twenty-century atheist, and the latest navigation and safety systems.

It is noteworthy that the original ship was weighing about 40 tons, length slightly less than 270 meters, with a high 53 meters, and sank in the fifteenth of April / April 1915 after a collision with an iceberg east of Newfoundland, which killed 1514 people on board andset management .

It is well known that Clive Palmer is the fifth richest person in Australia with a wealth of up to $ 5.3 billion, works in the field of mining, in addition to some tourism investment.

Will be the "Titanic" atheist century twenty that are not detected for the cost ofconstruction consists of 840 rooms on nine floors, in addition to swimming pools andgyms, as well as restaurants and luxury cabins.

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