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Chinese scientists copying the sheep fats "useful"!

علماء صينيون يستنسخون خروفا بدهون
Chinese scientists have cloned a sheep genetically modified, contains his body on the type of «useful» of fat, is found naturally in nuts, seeds, fish, green leaves, which helps to reduce the risk of crises and heart disease.

And the weight of the Lamb «Peng Peng» body that contains the gene for fat, such asworm form 5.74 kilograms at birth on March 26.
Du said Iotao the world from Beijing Institute of heredity «It grows very well and goodhealth, such as natural sheep».
And enter the Du and his colleagues linked gene secrete unsaturated fatty acids in a celltaken from the authorized Chinese Marino sheep. Then enter the cell in the egg isfertilized and implanted in the womb of a surrogate mother sheep.
And China, which has to feed 22 per cent of the world, where only seven per cent ofarable land in the world, so many resources have been devoted in recent years to increase domestic production of cereals, meat and other food products. But there are concerns over safety in the use of genetically modified food, and when you reach this kind of meat from animals genetically modified for the Chinese food markets will takeyears.

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