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Vietnam requests international assistance to overcome the lethality of a mysterious skin disease with 19 of its citizens

BBCVietnam says it on the request for assistance of the international community to reach the skin inflammation causes lethality with 19 of its citizens so far and infected more than 170 in the province of one of their territories.Symptoms of the disease rash begins in the feet and hands, and then may evolve to include the liver which may eventually lead to the failure of comprehensive peace in the vital organs.

Was unable to tests carried out by the Vietnamese Health Ministry to reach the cause of the disease, as Deputy Minister of Health a second Long on Friday: "This disease is a challenge for us because we did not reach its causes, if the disease leather purely, why lead to death and the failure of member vital? "The first recorded cases of this mysterious disease in the period between April and December of last year and then eased to show again last month.He says health workers that the disease responds well to treatment quickly, but the treatment becomes difficult if they grew.

And the populations of the village of Rio, located in a mountainous area in the poor province of Quang Ngai, where disease is rampant isolate with the closure of roads leading to their branches of trees.He said Pham Van Tri, a resident of the village, Vietnamese television "must fill the entrances to prevent people from going out of their role and spreading the infection, since we do not know the cause of the disease, we rely on and pray."The Vietnamese media quoted officials as saying in the region, the situation may be caused by exposure to chemicals, but the Ministry of Health says it has not yet reached a specific reason, but it hopes to get preliminary results within ten days.The subject of dozens of patients for treatment in a hospital for leprosy in the province of religion among next door.The Vietnamese government said it would ask the World Health Organization and the Centre for Infectious Disease Control U.S. to participate in the search for the causes of the disease.But a spokesman for the World Health Organization said that the organization had not yet received a formal request from Vietnam.
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