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Video: Mimosa Boudicca .. Plant does not like to touch a

It is clear that the name of the plant "Mimosa Boudicca" derived from a Latin wordmeaning modesty or shame, and is known as the "Do not touch me" (Touch-Me-Not),name fully applies it, as ashamed of the plant and would hate to be touched by human hand, evidence is that the leaves are clustered and close once the passage of the finger on the leaves.

The real reason for this phenomenon is unknown, but scientists believe that plants "do not touch me" to take this behavior to keep the prey.

The plant closes its leaves when it touches the body and the external scene through the night in a strange and wonderful at the same time. And originated in South America, Central America, but is available in all parts of the world.

When touching, begins "Mimosa plant Boudicca" deflation and then closes his papersone after another in a dramatic and rare, and this movement made ​​him a distinctiveplant entertained adults and children playing with all the time.

The plant known to use it for decoration, but it requires special attention is very sensitiveas it prevents the plant dealt with Sam, which is especially dangerous to children.

The strange plant "Mimosa Boudicca" papers that do not close after contact early in the morning and the reason for this remains a mystery of the causes of nature, as some scientists that the likely reason is the eagerness to light after a long night and need forsunlight.

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