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Iran: We analyzed the codes of killing a U.S. plane involved bin Laden

CNNSaid the Iranian Revolutionary Guard he was able to dismantle the 4 blades for the aircraft of the U.S. intelligence that took place in his hands last year, describing the aircraft that operate without a pilot as a "treasure the values ​​of the country" has helped young scientists in the Guard to "acquire" a lot of information, and allegedly participatedexploring the former headquarters of the al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.

The news agency Fars News Iran's semi-official, Major General Prince Haji Ali Zadeh as saying that the spy plane (RQ170) is a "treasure" and thus could not reveal all the details and "disclosure of information to the enemy our achievements."
He said Haji Zadeh: "I will refer in this area to 4 indicators in order to instruct the Americans what the acquisition of our scientists on the technical plane ... it has been subject to the maintenance of art in the October / November, 2010 in California and then sent to the city of Kandahar (Afghanistan) in November 2010 was used in the tasks of espionage. "
According to Haji Zadeh, the young scientists in the Revolutionary Guards "have acquired all of the information and programs of this aircraft," which he said had "participated in the reconnaissance stronghold (the former leader of al-Qaeda Osama) bin Laden in Pakistan before the liquidation two weeks
Abizaid and Gen. Iran by saying: "Receiving this accurate information indicates that our understanding the full complexity of the software on this plane as evidenced by our success in decoding the digital information to read the hard drive located in the heart of the aircraft."
Iran has announced the beginning of December / December last it was "shot down" a U.S. airliner drone of the type of "Ghost" which can not be radar monitored, after entering its airspace, which was denied by Washington, are likely to be the plane had suffered a technical failure, directed off course.
Iran claims that U.S. spy plane drone aircraft (RQ170,) violated its airspace and penetrated deep into its territory a distance of 250 km, and went to the city, "Tabas" in the east of the country.
Has provided the Iranian Mission to the United Nations, a complaint to the UN Security Council on the plane, which he said the U.S. president, Barack Obama, said his country has asked for restoration, which was rejected by Tehran.

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