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Student arrested in America after the sixth headmaster threatened and kicked

ReutersPolice said on Wednesday it escorted a child in the age of six from his elementary school in a small town in Indiana and accused him of beating and intimidation after he kicked the headmaster of the school and threatened him.

The incident came after another incident in April when police placed restrictions in the hands of a child in the age of six after he screamed and cried and hit the headmaster and damaged property in a primary school in Milledgeville, Georgia. He was not her charges.
The Indiana School student recently stopped working because of a biting and beating him. He was arrested on April 18 at Hendricks Elementary School in Shelbyville, which lies at a distance of about 50 km southeast of Indianapolis.
Lt. Michael Turner of Shelbyville police "This was not an isolated incident."
The report of the Shelbyville Police said school officials contacted the police and had told the student that - that was not to be named - of the beholder kicked Patrick Ompela and said to him and help him that he Siktlhma Jessica Poe.
The report stated that the student was crying and screaming was stretched on the ground in the Office of Bo when the police arrived.
Bo and took the child to the police car where the officer and put it in the back seat. No restrictions are placed in his hands.
Turner said he hopes to lead charge events to help provide the necessary support for the child.
"And put it in the system (private equity) could open the paths probably were not the parents."

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