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Broke through the Microsoft website ... The death of the most powerful hackers Saudis to "asthma crisis"

اخترق موقع مايكروسوفت ... وفاة أقوى الهاكرز السعوديين بـ
Died hacker Saudi "compelling the Jews," the world-famous b «Cyber-Terrorist», which is one of the most powerful hackers Saudis and Arabs; to penetrate the strongest sitesspecialized international security, protection, and computer systems, including Microsoft,Kaspersky and Server stronger hacker in the world, known as "kevin mitnick" , as well asto penetrate the Jewish sites, including banks and major companies, was also able topenetrate the site of the Danish painter abuser of the Prophet peace be upon him.

Hacker Saudi-old (28 years) was short-joy a long time on the occasion of installing a government job a few days ago; where raided crisis satisfactory during a wave of dustseen Riyadh last week, move evacuated to the hospital before announcing his death,died of a heart asthma, caused him complications in the lung.

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