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Six unemployed camped in the crater of a volcano in Italy!

ستة عاطلين عن العمل يعتصمون في فوهة بركان بإيطاليا!
Down six unemployed, were working in a cooperative company charged with the maintenance of roads leading to the Vezovo volcano near Naples, to the crater to ask for local assistance to allow the resumption of the activities of the company that wasemployed.

The union official Ciro Fusco "They will stay there until the progress Campania region(including Naples and Vezovo) or give an indication of response."
And holds firmly to the six men on a pillar of rock under the crater rim almost ten meters, and they face the risk of injury in the event of any breakdown, and plans to their relativesto provide them with water and food during this movement.
The police were deployed and two cars belonging to relief teams in place; to help in the event of the protesters decided to get out of a crater, a process much more difficult toget off.
And went up about twenty other employees to a thousand meters high at the level of the sale of cards to gain access to the path leading to the upper part of the volcano, and made the same demands, while the situation in a stalemate since 2008.
And stopped the cooperative "Vezovo nature and the work of" Maintenance andcleaning activity at the site in 2008 for non-renewal of contracts with area Vezovo Park,and is staffed Fifty-five out of work.

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