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Love alone is not enough for marriage in South Korea

ReutersWas the Beatles singing and repeating, "All you need is love" in South Korea but this is not true, as it requires those who want to marry a lot of money, estimated at around 200thousand dollars, more than four times the average annual income.

This high cost is due in part to the tradition which requires that the exchange families ofthe bride and groom before the wedding gifts of expensive diamonds and mink coatsand groom arrange enough money to provide a home.

The average cost of marriage in 2011 about 270 percent for the year 1999 at the same time increased the rate of inflation in the same period to 45.5 percent.

And forced those who want to marry in South Korea to borrow from family or get loansfrom banks.

And H. Harris said. Kim, an associate professor of sociology at the University or her for Girls "Korean society is very coherent and busy people here see them in the eyes ofothers. Wedding ceremony is a symbol for your situation .. your status in the socialcommunity."

And contributed to rising real estate prices increase the cost of marriage. He added thatthe new couples spent on housing in the past year by 2.5, such as what was spent in 2000, which is equal to 70 percent of the total costs of marriage.

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