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Representative error hang himself on stage

Representative of the Brazilian man died after he hanged himself by mistake while playing the role of a play.

The doctors kept Clemak Thiago, 27, in a coma for more artificial than two weeksbecause of serious injuries to his brain for oxygen supply is cut for a long time after the incident, according to the Hospital "St. Casa de Masirekordia."
He played the role of Judas Iscariot Clemak in a play entitled "The Passion of Christ"was being displayed in the City Theater "Aetharara" according to the newspaper "statement."
And showed photographs taken by photographer last minute to hang himself Clemak isas stated in the Bible.
Reports indicated that the representative hung on the gallows for four minutes before his colleagues noticed that there is something wrong.
And a description of Luis Carlos Rosner, a vendor near the town square where the playis being presented, the panic that seized the crew after the discovery of theatrical actorunconscious.
He said in a television interview to the channel "Record", "rushed to one of the representatives and explained to me that there is a panic person unconscious andhanging from a rope he wants a piece."
He added: "I ​​worried a little bit of give him the knife through the crowds."

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