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Photo: young man committed suicide in Riyadh and another in Jazan

Older Saudi man in Riyadh on Saturday night to commit suicide by throwing himselffrom the top of Bridge exit 12 on the Eastern Ring Road in Riyadh.

According to preliminary information, according to what reported by social networking sites and some e-newspapers that committed suicide in the second decade of life maythrow himself off the bridge, at about ten o'clock in the evening to die on the spot

As the oldest in the region of another young man, "Jazan" today committed suicide by hanging himself with an electric cable in one of the buildings under construction.

The press spokesman for the Jazan region, said the suicide bomber "anonymous" at the age of 26 years and that teams of police and criminal evidence, she moved to the site and examined the body, and lifted fingerprints by the presence of forensic experts, and then transferred directly to the morgue at the hospital until the end of security investigations

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