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Swedish teacher his students are betting on the results of their exams!

معلم سويدي يراهن تلامذته على نتائج امتحاناتهم!
Teacher suspended from work at a school in Sweden is an exhibition of his work as a result of the expulsion of his gambling Finance with students on their scores on exams.

And the transfer of the site «Glocal» Swedish officials in the Swedish school saying that he was arrested, a professor in the school may be expelled because of his gamblingFinance with students about their findings in the exams.
The Web site quoted education officials in the municipality of Vaxjo Swedish saying thata teacher who has not disclosed his name displayed on his disciples to pay them the amount of U.S. $ 14.85 If they succeed in the exam condition and they have to pay a sumof $ 29.75 if that fail. He added that four of the students accepted the terms of the bet onesucceeded and failed last and the absence of another disease did not provide grounds that the fourth and paper exam.

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