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British dentist to punish her ​​boyfriend betraying his teeth to take off fully

طبيبة أسنان بريطانية تعاقب حبيبها على خيانته بخلع أسنانه بالكامل
British dentist proceeded to take off the entire teeth in retaliation for her boyfriend betrayed her.

The newspaper "Daily Mail" that the British doctor Makhuyag Anna (34 years) is currently facing a prison sentence, after the revenge of her lover Olszywski Marek, who went to the clinic a few days after separation from her students deal with age.
What was the beloved Maha separation but to seize the opportunity, to give the man a high dose of anesthesia and takes off the entire tooth.And then worked to wrap his head and jaws to prevent him from opening his mouth, saying to him that he faced complications and therefore go to a specialist.
Said the doctor - which operates in Poland - "I tried to be professional and unplug my work my feelings, but when I saw him lying in front of me I only .. Woe. "
Olszywski said "I knew that something was not well; because when I woke up from anesthesia I did not feel any age may wrap the jaws of the whole."He pointed out that he did not doubt it is never by a skilled physician, and added: "But when I went to the house and looked in the mirror I did not believe at all .. I have emptied my mouth of teeth. "
He said that the new sweetheart left him now, saying: It can not be with the man who does not have teeth, "It would have to pay a fortune now to dental implants or to do something."
Doctor could face jail time up to 3 years because I did it.

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