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French car down on the steps of the metro

A man came down the stairs to his car to the Metro station in the center of the French capital of Paris, Tuesday, after having made ​​a mistake in the doorway, thinking thatleads to the parking lot.

He said the driver, 26 years, "There is an indication that read + Hausmann Barking + in front of (the entrance to the subway) ... and I made a mistake," adding that "fortunately, was not one on the stairs."

As quoted "Brass Franz," it no one was hurt, and so is the car which is a kind of "DaciaDastr." Noting that he was driving slowly, which enabled him to stomping on the brakesin time to stop the car.

The police subjected the driver to check to determine the percentage of alcohol in his blood to prove that he was not drunk.

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1 comment:

  1. I know the French are known for their useless driving but this is something else


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