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British student tormented itself in defense of animals!

طالبة بريطانية تعذب نفسها دفاعاً عن الحيوانات!
British student has decided to torture themselves in front of passers-by in London, the same way in which the torture of animals, in defense of their rights and to express its opposition to the tests conducted on them.

The newspaper "The Sun" that the British Jacqueline want to "24 years", I stood in front of a shop cosmetics Street in Regent, London, and receives various kinds of tormentsundergone by animals when testing them, in order to counter these tests and defend the rights of animals.
She added that this student wanted to through this test, educate pedestrians about thevarious types of suffering undergone by the animals in laboratories for the production ofcosmetics.
She wants to be fed by force, injection, and encircled her neck with a rope, and put inher mouth Klaptin, and was a man wearing a mask and lab coat spoon fed by force.
The newspaper pointed out that the EU ban cosmetics testing on animals, but does notban the sale of products tested on animals in several other countries like the United States and Canada, while in China, prohibits the sale of these products that were nottested on animals.

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