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American woman demanding the restoration of his college from its Director after the expulsion of the work

امرأة أمريكية تطالب باستعادة كليتها من مديرتها بعد أن طردتها من العمل
Asked an American woman had been donated to save the whole life its Director, the restoration of college after being driven out of work.

The newspaper "New York Post" that the American Debbie Stephens (47 years), filed a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights in New York, saying it was exploited byits Director Jackie, Russia.
Stevens indicated that the treatment of Russia changed dramatically after her donationthe college, and they "turned to her from a nice person to person just nasty .. nasty."
Stevens said that would depend guaranteed health after being driven out of work, and will not be able to pay the price of essential drugs her, and said the woman, "I do not knowwhat to do .. I think I'll stay in my job until retirement."

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