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Egyptian citizen surprised to see his wife in 11 films pornography on the Internet

مواطن مصرى يتفاجأ برؤية زوجته في11 فيلما إباحيا على شبكة الانترنت
Egyptian Ramadan received a shock of his life when he discovered that his wife play the main role in a porn movie was watched in an Internet café, angrily ran to his house to meet his wife.

Although it is controlled by "flagrante delicto", strongly denied the accusations and the wife asked Ramadan to prove his statements. He took her to the cafe to see evidencethat committed adultery. And when you see the directory in which unequivocal, passedaway with the woman but claimed that these scenes back to the time of romance, beforeher marriage, when she was madly loves her childhood friend.

And bad luck, the pair also discovered that he is deceived Displaying 11 pornographic movies on the Internet are playing a starring role in partnership with his wife's ex-boyfriend.
It also did not choose between desperate after her husband accepted solemnhumiliation or divorce.

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