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Saudi man loses speech after the murder of his cousin by mistake

شاب سعودي يفقد النطق بعد قتله ابن عمه بالخطأ
Saudi man fell in the prime of life and died after he was shot from a machine gun to his cousin started it a shot by mistake when he was cleaning the weapon, resulting in theloss of the sense of speech for the Hall tragedy.

According to "Al Jazeera Online", received an emergency King Abdulaziz Medical Cityfor National Guard about nine o'clock on Saturday evening a young man in the prime ofold infected gunshot wound, he died during the medical team attempts to rescue him.
Has initiated the competent authorities investigating the incident, with him the killerhimself in the same night, a cousin of the deceased, where it became clear that the offender was doing cleaning his gun from which the fatal shot wrong, I wanted his friend and his cousin dead, which led to the loss of the offender to pronounce because of trauma, according to close friends of both parties.

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