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Moroccan girl expose the head of Milan

Name will remain champions AC Milan, Italian football is linked with the Moroccan girls,and that after the scandal unfolded a new hero and the only club owner who was forcedprostitutes to wear masks to draw players.

Newspaper ABC Spanish for a new scandal to former Italian Prime Minister Milanowner Silvio Berlusconi during a hearing in his trial on charges of prostitution with the girl of Moroccan Ruby (Precious Mahrouqi) when he was 17 years old.
According to the "Eurosport", the newspaper pointed out that a Moroccan girl namedFaith Fadhil is working fashion model, she was attending the concerts Berlusconi's loud, she said that in one of these concerts, dubbed "Bong Bonga" in 2010 saw Offersdefined for a number of girls the night and was one of them Brazilian Iris Berardi calledand asked Berlusconi to wear a mask on her face for AC Milan star Ronaldinho at the time, and also masks the other players to the club.
Berlusconi has denied all accusations against him, especially after Robbie denial that it had received money in exchange of a sexual relationship with him, asserting that "theparties Bong Bonga is only dinners only where he will meet with his friends to drink, drink and conversation."

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