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New York police begin the search for a child disappeared 33 years ago!

شرطة نيويورك تبدأ البحث عن طفل اختفى منذ 33 عاماً!
New York and began police Alvedrla Bureau of Investigation (FBI) searches in the basement in the south of Manhattan, after 33 years since the disappearance of the child, Eitan Batz, when he was in the age of six, and the issue was raised in the city shock

He said police spokesman Paul Browne told reporters at the scene: "We tear down the wall of separation made of plaster of the wall to examine the original."He said police "will remove the cement which also covers the ground, and burrow beneath the soil in an attempt to find human remains and clothing."
And disappeared Eitan Batz (6 years) on May 25 / May 1979, on his way to school. The first time you leave him where his parents, and goes alone to the bus stop close to home. And disappeared behind the sensation.
A large number of policemen in the process of search for him for many weeks, and exceeded the limits of the city of New York operations much.Eitan became the first child is missing pictures are placed on the packaging of milk, in an attempt to get information about him. After that, the late U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, May 25 / May a national day of missing children. Has not been found on the child, and the Court in Manhattan announced his death in June 2001.
The authorities suspect a man, is a friend, former babysitter who was caring for Baatan, in fact enforced. But the said suspect, Jose Antonio Ramos, currently imprisoned in the assault on a child, never has been prosecuted under suspicion.

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