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Maid in Sharjah received a baby in a trash container from the ninth floor and stay alive

Dropped Sharjah Police arrested a Filipino maid threw the baby carried by a serial killer from the opening of waste in the ninth floor of a building in Sharjah.

Police say in a press statement indicated his newspaper Emirates Today that building guard told police he had found inside the vehicle waste a child wrapped in plastic, and within hours the police managed to identify the offending, which admitted its crimes.
The statement continued that the maid Philippine surprised her labor after the fourth morning and took in her hand a pair of scissors and a piece of cloth, and after that put the fetus has wrap in a roll paper and a piece of cloth and placed inside a plastic bag, to sneak then from the apartment toward the slot landfill where threw the baby from the ninth floor in an attempt them to get rid of it and obliterate his story forever.
The Police said in a statement that guard the building came in the morning to switch cart garbage to surprise the child wrapped in the bag, where he immediately informed the police who rushed to the scene, the ambulance to transfer the child to the hospital where he was a vibrant Vtm his ministry after it was discovered the presence of bruises light on the limbs from a fall.
After the investigation with the child's mother admitted its crimes and the maid reported that they had an affair with someone who recently left the Emirates has carried him to a serial killer.
The investigation revealed that the maid is working with the family of the Asian and Atakim guaranteed, causing the family under penalty of law, as indicated by a maid that her sponsor without a tip, police have effect her escape. While the maid was arrested and follow the legal procedures on the issue.

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