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Imprisonment and a fine of Kuwaiti university insulted his teacher on the "Facebook and Twitter"

الحبس والغرامة لجامعية كويتية شتمت أستاذتها على الـ
Criminal court in Kuwait sentenced a university with a stay of 3 months of access andfined 3 thousand dinars in the complaint filed against the university professor ofdefamation against the backdrop of the messages passed through with the studentsthrough the «Facebook and Twitter».

The main incident when he made ​​a university professor in the Women's College of the University of Kuwait filed a complaint in one of the outposts against a group of studentsclaiming where they have had defamed them and insults through the messages passedin among them through the «Facebook and Twitter», is called the transfer case to theCriminal Investigation (Department of electronic Crimes) to investigate the case, which in turn summoned the accused students and those who recognized one of them it is the source of those messages and it did not mean to be hurtful criticism and expressionbetrayed but a few words.

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