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10 most expensive divorce settlements in Hollywood

10 - ميل جيبسون
As weddings are lavish Hollywood celebrities and luxury, also divorce cost them millions.What are the 10 most expensive divorce settlements among Hollywood celebrities have been so far.

10 - كيني روجرز
Photo by Lennox McLendon / AP Photo
After a marriage that lasted 16 years and produced one son, actress Marianne Gordon $ 60 million after her divorce from singer Kenny Rogers. The divorce between the duo in 1993, where he was in his heyday Rogers art which contributed to his ex-wife for the fourth Gordon on a large amount for the completion of divorce proceedings.
9- كيفين كوستنر
Photo by Barry King / WireImage
Although the love story that has developed between Kevin Costner and Cindy Silvaduring their study at the university, but the duo split up in secret in 1994. The duo were married after graduating at the university in 1978, when Costner takes a first beginningsof art, where the star shone during the period of his marriage roles featured in severalfilms such as "Dances with Wolves" and "Field of Dreams" and which was launched to fame and the world and raise the value of
8- هاريسون فورد
Photo by KMazur / WireImage
After a marriage that lasted 18 years, star Harrison Ford ended his marriage with his second wife, Melissa Matheson writer for nearly $ 90 million. I got Matheson, which left noknown screenplay ET, a divorce in 2004 after giving birth to two children from Ford
7- مادونا
Photo by Ferdaus Shamim / Getty Images
In seventh place, came the famous singer Madonna on that list as the first woman to paythe most expensive divorce settlement between Hollywood celebrities, Madonna was paid $ 90 million for a divorce from British film director Guy Ritchie after the marriagelasted for eight years, during which she gave birth to a son, and one. Commenting on the amount of material, said they would not think Madonna to marry again, including self paidfor their freedom.
6- ستفين سبيلبيرج
Photo by Tom Wargacki / WireImage
Despite the precautions taken by the great director Steven Spielberg for not losing his fortune upon divorce determines the value of a liberalization of the divorce settlementwith his wife, actress Amy Irving then-, but a legal loophole that cost $ 100 million.Spielberg was Aervynag and have signed a contract to a sum of money specified in the event of divorce before the completion of their marriage in 1985, after four years andgive birth to one son, decided to bilateral separation. But Spielberg did not expect to pay$ 100 million after the court ruling the illegality of the contract because the Irving were notreached the legal age when you edit the contract.
5- لاعب الجولف تايجر وودز
Photo by David Cannon / Getty Images
Raised the romantic relationships of the hero of the famous golf Tiger Woods jealous ofhis wife, who asked for a divorce after her betrayal Woods, where she earned more than $ 100 million after the completion of divorce proceedings in mid-2010.
4- جريج نورمان
Photo by Adam Pretty / AP Photo
Pay for Australian golfer Greg Norman $ 105 million divorce settlement to his wife after a marriage that lasted 25 years. Duo did not announce the reasons for divorce, despite the long years of their marriage, and stressed that his relationship with his wife Norman, Laura will continue to be intimate and will remain friends.
3- نيل دايموند
Photo by Hamms / AP Photo
I got Marcia Murphy, the second wife of the famous singer Neil Diamond, $ 150 millionafter splitting from the Diamond. Bilateral marriage lasted 25 years and the couple hadtwo sons, during which. Duo did not declare the causes which led to the divorce, but some reports suggested Diamond betrayal to his wife. Diamond married again from itsdirector Kitty McNeill and his junior year with 29.
2- لاعب كرة السلة الأمريكي …
Photo by Kevin Mazur / WireImage
The separation of the American basketball player Michael Jordan from his wife, the second most expensive divorce settlement, terms of payment of $ 168 million to his wifeafter a marriage that lasted 21 years. Nevertheless, Gordon did not hesitate to marryagain saluting married his girlfriend Yvette Prieto supermodel. But the question is, you learn the lesson and free contract determines the value of the settlement upon divorce?
10 - ميل جيبسون
Photo by Steve Granitz Archive / WireImage
Mel Gibson took first place by far the most expensive divorce settlement betweenHollywood celebrities, have to pay $ 450 million to his wife to end the divorce proceedings in 2009, after the marriage lasted nearly 29 years and resulted in giving birth to seven children.
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