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Dog bears witness to a marriage contract his two companions in the Church of Britain!

كلب يشهد على عقد زواج صاحبيه بكنيسة في بريطانيا!
In fact unique, allowed a priest in the Church of South Island city of Swansea and Walesin Britain, the testimony of a dog to marry his two companions to the canon.
The radio station (BBC) the British that the dog / Snoopy / carry wedding rings to the altar of the church, in a small bag suspended in the neck.

The dog began to bark loudly after the end of the Mass, which he described as his two companions that he does that, "the excess of happiness."
She said the station that the priest knows the dog for a long time, and it came downbecause of the desire of the couple on the "non-traditional" users to make it marriage.
The station said that Snoopy / 11 years / course will be accompanied by the coupleduring the honeymoon

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