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Finnish company create a larger device for waste collection in the world in Mecca

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Company will "MariMatic" Finnish in the years 2012-2013 to establish the largest project for waste collection and sanitation in the world in Mecca, according to a company director Sami Kappa.

The Kappa, told reporters that "this system designed to transport food and packaging waste left by pilgrims. Waste will be transferred to a special landfill through pipelines under the ground."
The project will allow the transfer of 600 tons per day of waste left by pilgrims in more of 318 sites for the collection of waste.The official said Finn, "The value of the project is around 50 million euros. And now there is talk about the creation of the first phase of the system. However you plan to transfer the system from 900 tons of waste a day after running the second phase, this is not the maximum."It is expected to get Saudi Arabia to the system in the spring of 2013.
The device includes sanitation of solid waste containers and system of underground pipelines that transport waste quickly 80-100 km per hour, in addition to the landfill where waste collection is compressed in special containers for the next phase of transport. This allows the device sorts the waste into different categories such as food waste, leaves and metal materials, and so on.
The company "MariMatic" Finnish Technology specializes in sanitation since 1983, which provides services in the field of transport and utilization of industrial wastes for various companies around the world.

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1 comment:

  1. Marimatic systems have many flaws, and they have big issues in their projects in Norway, China, and KSA
    we also don't advise others to work for MariMatic, they won't pay end of service or give you any notice periods, and be aware we have seen cases where employees weren't paid their salaries, specially if they are outside EU


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