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American woman gives birth to twins after 42 days of brain death

سيدة أمريكية تنجب توأما بعد 42 يوما من موتها دماغيا
Gave birth to a brain-dead woman in the United States to twins after 42 days of the Declaration of brain death doctors.

The "two sons Christine", 26-year-old suffered a tragic accident on March 6, when I feltsevere pain, and fell suddenly on the ground, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail"the British.
The family thought that Christine pregnant twins entered in a fit of deep sleep, but doctors confirmed that her brain had died. And was placed under a life support, hopingto survive and see her two children.
After 6 weeks of stay in hospital, her condition deteriorated, and became a high blood pressure have a risk to the life of twins, so I decided to take the family's decision to lift a harsh life support to save the lives of babies.
The doctors conducted a caesarean section for the mother on 17 April this withoutanesthesia at the request of the family in the hope that helps the pain in wake her fromsleep, but at a time when the two children went out into the world of the mother.
Two sons, Daniel and considered Aunt Christine, what happened to her niece miracleby saying that: "God was able to take her and her children are, but it took her two children and leave."
And the hospital to give special attention to two children in the intensive care unit so as to maintain their lives.

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