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Wayne Rooney joins the list of victims of eavesdropping on mobile scandal in Britain

روني ونوبل
BBCWas detected dozens of cases against the newspaper group owned by News Group, which owned media mogul Rupert Murdoch, after allegations of eavesdropping on phone-known figures, including Wayne Rooney of Manchester United, Emma Noble, the former wife to the son of former British Prime Minister John Major.

Lawyers said that the eavesdropping allegations also include Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Nigel political Frig.The Supreme Court will hear the second set of issues to eavesdrop on the phone.The judge said Hugh Tomlinson The total number of potential victims of eavesdropping on the phones up to 4791 people, police contacted them by 1892.Rooney, who spread the message on Twitter in April 2011 he received a call from Scotland Yard about the possibility of a private investigator Glenn Mulcaire to eavesdrop on his phone for the Sun newspaper, owned by Murdoch.It was decided to hold the trial in cases that have not been settled in advance in February 2013.Watkins and Thompson's office issued a law firm a list of names of those who demanded compensation in the second round of the issues of wiretapping.The list includes the footballer Ryan Giggs and singer James Blunt and server former Royal Paul Paarl and soccer player Peter Crouch and Ted Beckham, father of footballer David Beckham.In February last I got the singer Charlotte Church on the compensation of 600 thousand pounds of News Group Newspapers.The Foundation News International, owned by Murdoch, has announced closure of the newspaper "News of the World" following its involvement in the wiretapping scandal, bribe police officers for information.The News of the World is owned by News International, which in turn is part of the Foundation News Corp media giant.

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