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Why Download Lady Gaga concert in Seoul, the phrase "for adults only"?

ليدي جاجا أمام ملصق حفلها في سول بكوريا الجنوبية (AP)
Despite all the protests that encountered on his residence in Seoul, revived the American singer Lady Gaga her concert Friday night's controversial in the capital of South Korea, titled "for adults only."

The event was held at Seoul Olympic Stadium and was attended by nearly 50 thousand fans of Lady Gaga adults, and security was strict with all of them, forcing them to show their identity cards before entering the ceremony to make sure they reach the age of 18.
The celebration started with the entry for Lady Gaga to stage a riding horse, and wore a dress black stuck her body, she told the audience, commenting on the claimant to carry her show of "adult only": "We have told me that your government has decided to be my party for those over 18 years .. So will try to meet this night! ".
And ratified "Gaga" in its promise to be directed at the ceremony for adults only, and included a number of violent scenes, including the dumping into the meat grinder of a fake, and other scenes of shooting.
The concert featured many of the shocking scenes that included nudity and scenes of a representative group sex parties, and the practice of girls lesbians sex.
Seoul was seen earlier in the month of April protests by Christian groups, called on the authorities to limit the attendance to the ceremony Lady Gaga adults only, and that holds a ceremony to sign "for adults only." (See Korean Christians pray for the abolition of ceremony Gaga)
He justified the request that the protesters Gaga bold and pornography, as they described as "obscene" and that it is possible to "spoil" a small young age.And will continue for Lady Gaga in her song, titled Born This Way in a number of Asian countries in the coming days, before the direction to Australia and Europe later this year.

Lady Gaga entered the theater in the event horse

One of the protesters, who demanded to ban the concert

Lady Gaga in one of her concert posters Seoul

Source: Yahoo written
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