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Russian scientist is expected to witness the world's first manned flight to Mars in the next forty years

UPIKnown Russian academic said on Monday that the world may see the first manned flightto Mars in the next forty years.

Quoted by Russian news agency "Novosti" of Anatoly Gregoreyev, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow press conference, "I think that manned flightto Mars will take place in the first half of this century."

He spoke Gregoreyev the results of simulating the experience of a trip to Mars endedlast November when the crew spent 520 days a research team from the capsule toisolate completely from the Earth's atmosphere in Russia.

The participants said that experience in Illusion 3 Russians, Italians, French andChinese, that despite the difficult time they spent in isolation, but they are willing to sharethe task of real.

President Barack Obama is expected in April / April 2010, should not send humans to Mars in the mid-thirties of this century, and return them safely to Earth.

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