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Numbered 1300 people ... British company sent a letter to the dismissal of all employees by mistake

عددهم 1300 شخص... شركة بريطانية ترسل خطاب إقالة لجميع موظفيهابطريق الخطأ
Injured workers company Aviva Investors investment shock, on Friday, when it sent the company, by mistake, an e-mail with instructions to dismiss - was originally targeted for one staff member - to all employees, numbering 1,300 people.

Said Paul Luxton, spokesman for the company's human resources management that the company realize the mistake and withdrew the letter after 25 minutes of sending a quick deployment of another letter in which the staff apologize for this error.
He added: "electronic message was originally addressed to a staff who will be leaving work today (yesterday) sent by mistake to all workers in the Aviva Investors around the world. People were fully aware that this was a mistake .. I do not think that any of our employees is already considered that. "
Luxton said that the message normal and went to workers who leave the company and work dealing with things such as re-equipment company, and so on.And "Aviva Investors" is a money management arm of Aviva me. L. C, based in Britain, a sixth-largest insurance group in the world and manages assets of more than 262 billion pounds sterling (420 billion dollars).
The company had announced in January that it be written off 160 jobs, representing about 12 percent of the workforce in the world.Luxton said he did not know why the request of the employee left the company target of the message.

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