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Eating large amounts of soda water leads to the death of a New Zealand woman

The seventh day
Experts said that New Zealand women have been drinking about two gallons of soda a day, which contributed to her death, a conclusion which pointed out that eatingexcessive amounts of soft drinks giant can be fatal.

Natasha Harris and died, aged 30, a housewife, after her heart attack in February 2010.The doctor said Dan legitimate Mornin - testified at the inquest - Thursday, she mayhave suffered from a lack of potassium or low blood potassium, which is believed to becaused by excessive intake of coca and malnutrition in general. Symptoms includehypokalaemia irregular heartbeat, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Morten said that toxic levels of caffeine, a stimulant found in the coca, may havecontributed to her death, according to Fairfax.
The man said Harris, Chris Hodgkinson, it was a drink between eight and ten liters (2.1and 2.6 gallons) of soda every day, and said she was eating little and smoked about 30cigarettes a day. 

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