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Missiles in London to protect the Olympics

DpaInform residents of the British army upscale residential area near the Olympic Park in east London, it will be a missile battery in the tower above the surface of the scope of the residential compound, for the defense of the 2012 Olympics this summer.

The Ministry of Defence said that this site is one among a number of sites around the capital, think of them as bases for military monument surface to air missiles to protect Olympics London from exposure to air attack.
This is the first time published where such rockets in London since the end of World War II, which struck some residents in the region of Pau Quarter residential shocked.
Said Brian Whelan, a journalist at the age of 28 years, told Reuters "I have not been consulted no one knocks on our doors.
"Wake up one morning and find a leaflet tells you they will put missiles on the surface."
He added that this action is not unusual and alarming his girlfriend and said, "I can not imagine the circumstances that will force them to fire rockets over the area with high population density."
The Minister of Defense Philip Hammond of these plans the first time in November, saying that Britain will follow the lead of previous Olympic Games, such as the Beijing Games in 2008, where surface to air missiles erected a kilometer south of the stadiums.
The Defence Ministry said in a publication sent to residents of the tower on Saturday, she chose the water tower's former compound Bow Quarter because it provides "excellent visibility of the surrounding area and the atmosphere all over the park, Olympic, and added," This tower is in the fact of the matter is the appropriate place only in this region of the missile network H in M ​​(high-speed missiles). "
And a missile battery on the roof of one building from a number of extraordinary measures that can be the people of London expect during this festival of sport which is of great interest, and which include restrictions on the use of certain lanes roads to be allocated to the Olympics, and the budget for security more than one billion pounds sterling (1.6 billion dollars).

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