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Kuwait: a man "drunk" call the police to report that he lost in his home!

«I caught up to Zaia ... Know what any Deira », communication processes andmobilized the Interior Ministry, it is clear that the amount drunk, and that« lost »in his home, Abu Halifa area, and the illusions of wine to him that he photographed in the street!!

According to the newspaper, the opinion of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior received a tip from a citizen appeal in desperation to save him after being stranded, and does not know where he is, does not know the trend is going, and that he himself is missing.

He said in his communication: «caught up to ... I Zaia ... Know what any Deira »!!

Source completed that «the author mobilized security men Ahmadi backed patrols for help, rushed to start their search for the citizen missing, while remaining in contact of his,where he was Giebhm time and ignores their communication times, and during the callshort in which he spoke with them, make sure that he is under a state of intoxication ,crafted to lure him to know the address, and when I went to patrol his home and found him - as they thought - is suffering the effects of excessive alcohol ».

The source said that «the security men took away the amount Drifter at his home stationto the Abu Halifa, and registered case against him drunk and annoyed the authorities,and ongoing appropriate action».

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