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Bin Laden's son prepares 3 Villas for widows and father and the extraction of the papers begins tomorrow

Sources reported that the eldest son Abdullah to Osama bin Laden created a three villas for the widows of his father in a affluent suburb north of Jeddah, where she returned every independent widow in her home and her children and her parents.

She informed the official authorities according to the daily life, family members recentlyreturning from Pakistan that the interior will start tomorrow in the extraction of theirpapers to allow them the freedom of movement within the kingdom, where they all lackany identification papers.

The source pointed to the eagerness of the family of bin Laden for umrah and bringpeace of mind for themselves after suffering from the severity of the horrors and traumathey have suffered, and hinted at the source, the family members belonging to requiremore time and comfort to return to live in the normal position, the number of them requiremore care and psychological rehabilitation.

An official source to facilitate the return of the family of Osama bin Laden was at the request of the family, it is not appropriate to go after her return in the privacy of the familybut more importantly leave the returnees are living their normal lives amid their people and their families.

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