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The disappearance of Cuban representatives on their way to attend the American Film Festival


A spokeswoman for the film festival will be held in New York, said representatives of Cubans they starred in a film about the split to the United States disappeared on their way to attend the festival, where he was scheduled to attend the premiere of the film last week.

Did not show actress Anailan de la Rua de la Torre and actor Javier Nunez Florian hero movie (one night) in the opening ceremony of the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, prompting reporters to say that the two may have been dissented .. Which prevents the story of the film to reality.
The spokeswoman for the festival in a statement, "was attended by (Representative of Cuba) Daryl Archada only premiere of the film for one night at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, April 19. Did not have any contact Banailan de la Rua de for Toure or Javier Nunez Florian."
And traces the film (one night) - which directed by Lucy Molly which she graduated in film school at New York University - Trip Mrahqaan three Cubans trying to escape poverty in their country and start a new life in Miami.
He said the film's producer Sandy Perez Ajoala to the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that the last time he saw the representatives of the missing were at the airport in Miami during a stop while they were all traveling to New York.
He told police Ajoala Miami they were missing, but police said he must wait 24 hours to submit a communication about disappeared. Upon his arrival to New York open on Monday and Ajoala bags were empty.
He said Ajoala to Los Angeles Times "This was something very strange ... did not talk (about the division) on the plane from Havana, or at any other time. And they were excited to come to New York to attend the premiere."
There is a long history of Cuban artists and athletes who broke off for a better life abroad.
In 2005, the infiltration of dancer Rolando Sarabia worn across the border into the United States. In 2008 split seven Olympic soccer team in Florida, Cuban after the game with the United States.

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