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Star Rihanna dating a girl

After two years of the life of celibacy, the black star Rihanna in a date with a "girl."

Despite rumors of her return to the former boyfriend singer Chris Brown, Rihanna came out in a date, but with a woman this time.
Rihanna and wrote on her account on Twitter: "I am a date in the first almost two years ago .. love tonight is Melissa Ford," a friend for a long time.
And published sites and U.S. newspapers, pictures of Rihanna and Ford, the two stick to each other's hands after eating dinner at a restaurant in Malibu, California, and beforethey headed to the famous nightclub Roxbura night in Hollywood, according to news agency "UBI" of news.
For its part, published several Ngredat Rihanna on Twitter pleased that night, also published pictures of Rihanna Ford in a bathrobe before you go back and remove theimages from the account, but before it is too late, since many of the sites had beenpublished.
According to the U.S. radar site that Rihanna and Ford both have the same tattoo, which is saying "not a failure, but never is always a lesson," considering it a sign that waslinked by a love affair in the past.

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