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Food and Drug Administration recognizes the new treatment Viagra rival

Reuters  Approved the Food and Drug Administration on Friday, a new drug for the treatment oferectile dysfunction produced by Vivos which gives small business an opportunity to sella commercial product profitable.

The administration said that the medicine that will compete with Viagra produced byPfizer and other erectile dysfunction drugs will be sold under the trade name Stiendra.

It is expected that the new drug works to increase blood flow in the penis approval in Europe.

And recommended by the FDA that doctors prescribe the lowest dose of the drugStiendra provide interest.

The drug has been approved Stiendra doses 50, 100 and 200 mg.

Patients are advised to take up the property before the 30 minutes of sex, butexperiments have shown that its effect begins after about 15 minutes at least.

Among the more side effects that appeared on more than two percent of patients in thelaboratory studies, headache, redness of the face and other areas and nasal congestionand cold-like symptoms and back pain.

The drug is also accompanied by the same warnings that accompany it, including his rivals should not be used by men taking nitrates because of the possibility of suddenand dangerous drop in blood pressure as well as the need for guidance

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