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Iraq fell in love with two young women .. Married the same night

Iraqi Abdul Rahman fell in love with two young women at the same time, the first daughter of his uncle and second cousin of his father .. To prove how much his love for them and not to prefer one to the other, married in one night.

And signed Nayef Abdul Rahman Hamid al-Obeidi (22 years), a farmer working with his father in a village near Baiji (200 miles) north of Baghdad, first in love with waiting (17 years) and then in love with Souad (21 years) .. And left his heart swung between them.
He said al-Obeidi told AFP: "I needed a month until I decide," he said, adding that he consulted with his parents on the issue of two young women to marry in one night.
"And my parents Hdjaana on foot on the move, and this was the biggest motivation for me," even though he was kin to a different view.
But al-Obeidi made more effort in trying to persuade two young women.
Says wait for the AFP, "Abdel-Rahman asked me + you marry thee, and Suad in one night, what do you say? + Answered + I do not mind as long as you will not differentiate between her and me. '"
According to Suad, for its part that it was surprised by this request at first, "but he convinced me that he would love us we two together."
Salman al-Obeidi and played the big brother of Abdul Rahman, the role of mediator in the negotiations that took place between the families. He says, "I encouraged him and stood by his side even persuaded the people of the couple. My brother and married them together. "
Does not hide his father, Abdul Rahman Al-Naif, Hamid, a father of four children, all married, "proud" of his son what he has achieved.
He says, "My children are all married to one woman. But Abdel-Rahman married two in one night, and I'm proud of what he did. I stood next to him and encouraged him to do so. My children will not hesitate to marry a second wife if they so wish. "
For its part, says the mother of Abdul Rahman Mohammed official, said her son "love the two, and I did not want to break the mind. So he did not want to cause any of them unhappy. "
On the eve of the wedding which was held on the sixth of April in the stork and was attended by the people of the village who were divided between supporters and opponents, to pay Rahman a dowry of $ 2.5 million dinars (about 1985 dollars) for each of the two young women, living now with him in two separate rooms in a house his father.
Islam allows a man to marry four women at the same time.
And showed pictures of the wedding Abdel Rahman, a sit down and to his two wives from among the members of the family, while the groom showed another picture of the couple in a bedroom decorated with flowers.
And raised pictures, published on the social networking site "Facebook", a mixed response among the men supported the step Abdul Rahman and women Rvdhanha.
Sarah wrote cynical Iraqi dialect "writing does not want nor displeased unit of them, and God is a good man."
And criticized the other post, called the approval of two young women was also good, and I wrote "the compatibility of the marriage so they do not have any, nor any sense of dignity."
On the other hand, Ali said: "This man never made a hero of him. It is supposed to enter the Guinness Book of Records. "

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