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British guides his wife bouquet of flowers every week in 70 years

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British offers in the Eighty-ninth-old flowers to his wife every week over the past seven decades, a down payment for his love for her.

The newspaper "the Sunday Mirror" on Sunday that the man called Jack gave his wifemore than 3000 mg a bouquet of flowers for their wedding in 1942, and celebrated the seventieth anniversary yesterday to hold a knot.

She added that Jack considered that this gesture was the secret of his marriage,romance, although happy bouquets cost about 19 ​​thousand pounds sterling over the decades, but stressed that she deserved every penny spent on it.
The newspaper quoted Jack as saying "I dedicate flowers to Millie toddler by color in each chapter, but I'm giving them red roses in love festival every year, and while I do not have the money picked tulips from the fields and the oldest of them."

She's Sunday Mirror that Millie, aged 88, confirmed that her husband, Jack knowsattached flowers and is keen to provide her a gift every week, and described in de (64years) and his father as "a man of romantic classical style."

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